The name "Shiori" consists of two Kanji characters: 史 織 .

史 (shi) means history
織 (ori) means weaving

Shiori, to us, expresses a sense of evolving stories, of people, time, spaces, encounters and feelings that are interwoven like threads to form a fabric of communication and interconnectedness. Each evening weaves together these threads to a unique experience and story at Shiori.

Our Philosophy

Since the beginning, Shiori's philosophy has been inspired by the spirit of Japanese tea ceremonies, themselves a celebration of each moment and occasion's uniqueness in time – one never the same as another.

Our space, seasonal decorations and menu composition are conceived with great care and in a way that highlights the experience and fosters a sense of appreciation and respect for everyone and -thing present. Host and guest are brought together in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere with comfort being of the utmost importance.

It is in this atmosphere that boundaries between the host and guests are blurred, and outside hierarchies and differences are checked at the door. Connectedness and respect for the moment of togetherness is what's important – much as is the case during Japanese tea ceremonies. It is this philosophy that becomes lived practice when time and space are united in the heart.