Announcement for our reopening

1 June 2021

Shiori's mission is and always has been to offer people a touchstone of Japanese culture through an immersive culinary experience.

And while that may sound very straight forward at first, it is in my many years of living abroad that I have learned to reflect on and adapt this mission constantly. Because though there exists an unquestionable fascination with Japanese culture, its essence tends to be lost when transposing it one to one – simply performing techniques and ideas does not capture a centuries-old culture after all. Sharing Japanese culture requires it being rethought and adapted to new local contexts and geographies, reflecting on long-held beliefs to create customs and practices anew.

It is this continuous reflection and recreation of Japanese culture that stands at the heart of Shiori's mission and practice today.

2021 will mark 5 years since we first opened our doors at Shiori. An invaluable time in which we have learned to overcome countless challenges and built strong ties and a sense of trust with our community, built on expertise, an unwavering commitment to quality and our spirit of hospitality. It is this continued guidance, encouragement, love, and support that we hope for in the future as we turn the page to our next chapter of Shiori restaurant – elevating our omakase concept with a redesigned space, while staying true to our philosophy, atmosphere and chef-driven cuisine.

– 11-13 Course Kaiseki Menu –

Our step from kappou = 割烹, or elevated every-day dining, to a kaiseki = 懐石 menu will introduce additional dishes and courses to our evenings. Developed from Japanese tea ceremony, kaiseki is the quintessential hospitality experience in Japan, uniting various aspects of Japanese culture in a comprehensive art form.

Dishes and dining utensils draw on ceramic, lacquer and bamboo artisans, the tokonoma, or ceremonial alcove, displays calligraphy scrolls and flower arrangements that greet guests with the utmost appreciation for aesthetics. A multisensory hospitality experience that is also reflected in our new interior and space.

Staying true to our commitment to the utmost freshness and seasonality, our chef's menu will draw on the finest ingredients available on that day – combining local and international produce to offer the best possible experience with meticulous attention paid to presentation, dining vessels and course timing.

We very much look forward to sharing this journey with you.

With love and gratitude,